Checks and Balances TV – America’s #1 Source for Balanced Financial Advice!

The mission of Checks and Balances TV is to provide Americans with the information they need to achieve financial freedom and retirement success. During this unprecedented time in America’s economic history, unbiased, truthful advice is needed to help alleviate the confusion and concerns held by American consumers so they can regain control of their personal finances and financial future.

Checks and Balances TV is a weekly television program designed to educate consumers about the financial world and assist them in making informed decisions regarding their financial future. The show debunks some of the most common financial myths, provides strategies for regaining financial freedom, discusses timely financial news stories and pressing topics, answers common questions and examines consumer responses to personal financial issues and current events.

Matt Rettick, the show’s host, is committed to creating public awareness and fostering a healthy debate and exploration of topics that need to be understood to fuel financial success. As a retirement advisor and expert in personal finance, Matt understands the challenges facing Americans today. His vision for Checks and Balances TV is to help others avoid being unprepared for retirement as well as raise consumer awareness on important financial topics and personal responsibility. Matt looks forward to helping you “Wake Up, Get Energized and Get Going” down their your path to financial freedom and retirement success.