Woodson Trichology is a hair transplant clinic based in Nashville, TN and owned by Sonya Woodson.  Woodson Trichology has been providing hair restoration services since 2013 with combined experience of 15,000 hair restoration resources and tools.

Because of our high standards, Woodson Trichology has achieved consistently excellent results using proven techniques. The combination of techniques, surgical artistry, technology, there is much that separates Woodson Trichologists from the rest.

At Woodson Trichology, we understand the expectation of our patients, and strive to provide the best results in the industry. We have a gallery of photos and videos for your review. Amazing results are consistently achieved by our hair transplant teams, who have raised the bar for standard of care expected by hair loss sufferers.

Hair transplant patients can now enjoy the rewards of hair restoration services performed at Woodson Trichology. Innovation and proven hair transplant techniques have placed us at the forefront of the hair restoration field worldwide.