Small Business Solutions

As a multimedia and internet solutions provider focused on assisting businesses in developing an online presence, Pentad Multimedia offers a broad range of business solutions such as internet technical consulting, marketing consulting and education.

With expertise and experience going back to 1994; Pentad Multimedia is a leveraged organization, partnering with contracted specialists. The organizational structure is purposely flat and project management based. This type of “partnered” structure allows the use of highly talented specialists, specifically suited to the customers’ needs, utilizing parallel work schedules to ensure projects are finished on time, at the lowest possible cost and the highest possible quality.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is more than randomly posting on Facebook or throwing out a quick tweet when you feel inspired. It’s not about the latest and greatest new social media platform. It’s much more than simply shooting a video and adding it to the millions of other videos on YouTube. It’s about having a goal, a plan and a strategy.

Social media marketing is changing the way we do business. If you’re not using social media as part of your overall marketing plan, you’re being left behind. It’s a fact that consumers expect to be able to talk directly to you online. They want to share their experiences with their friends. Good or bad. If you’re not there, they’ll still talk about you. You just won’t know about it.  Find out how we can help develop your Social Media presence.

E-Commerce Site

Have something to sell on-line, then an E-Commerce Site is what your business needs. An E-Commerce Site includes everything in the Business Web Presence Site with the addition of a ‘Shopping Cart’ and secure on-line credit card transactions.


Site Tune-Ups

If you already have a web site we can still help. Your business doesn’t stand still and neither should your web site. We will review your current web site and ‘tune it up’ to meet your current needs. Our services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Graphics Updating and Optimization
  • Browser Compatibility Checking
  • Load Time Analysis
  • Site Purpose and Design Review


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